Rodion Kovenkin is commercial photographer from Minsk. He is fortunate to be kept shooting the things he loves: food, stills, and interiors. Rodion works on a range of shoots including packaging, advertising, social media content and editorial.

With more than 10 years experience Rodion and his team specialize in complex and multi-stage food projects. They can offer a complete package of food and drink photography, food styling, prop styling, sketching, complex retouching, editing and art-direction. Rodion also offers a recipe development service. With his small team he can produce something special for his clients.

He is comfortable working in studio and on location, with both natural and controlled lighting.

Recent clients include MyNetDiary, Flo, McDonalds Belarus, Adobe, SantaBremor, Savushkin product, Petruha, Krinitsa, CafeVergnano, Velcom, MTS, Tesco, Carrefour, Borges, ITLV.

Rodion is certified European Photographer (FEP) and member of Belarusian Association of Photographers.